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Mature Swingers - A story from hot wife

Posted by dicklim39 on February 2, 2020 at 8:55 PM Comments comments (32)

I'm Bianca we're from Club sapphire and this is exciting we're actually here on a Sunday night and we're gonna do something we haven't done here at sapphire yeah, we are going to be doing a weird dating it's called yeah we did speed dating once years ago on on a lifestyle cruise and it was amazing it is like one of the best ways we've ever seen to meet quantity of people absolutely because there's some people that like you you might when you're at a club or you're at a house party or whatever might be there might be some people that you see and you're like they're hot but then you just never have a conversation or they on the other side of the room right that you don't notice them because there's 200 people there that type of thing where if you do a speed-dating event you come and you basically you know that just goes through your you as a couple we're sitting there and it just kind of goes through all the other couples and you get to meet everybody and .


I don't know what the rules are here if it's 30 seconds or two minutes or whatever we'll find that out yeah yeah yeah so because we're not in charge of it we just get to come in and enjoy and have fun but we heard that the last time that they did that here there were just a ton of people that showed up so which is which is cool because Sunday night at a club it's it's amazing that they can get a lot of people to come to my club on a Sunday but they do they do people like that's right that's right so so we had a question that came up and .


I figured that you would be the perfect perfect person to respond so someone had asked when having sex or upside wouldn't give you a blowjob what are some alternatives to swallowing now now why do you suppose that you would be the expert on that question probably because it's very well known that .


I don't you don't right well you know so well why is that um cuz.


I don't like the texture in my mouth it makes me gag okay, and I'm pretty sure that isn't very sexy like well when you put it like that no but yeah well.


I don't know I'm seeing a lot important where someone's gay a cock because of the size of it, and that's hot yeah but.


I think that my going to it's a little bit different that way and yeah so okay you don't like it because of the consistency okay so I'm just trying to know to be that we've been lifestyle a while and I've had.